HP Printer Ink System Failure Error

We all know that HP printers have been the choice of people around the world when they wanted printers for easy and manageable printing. These printers come with amazing features and perform exceptionally well as compared to other printers in the market. However, when it comes to technology, no one is free from minor bugs.

Although your HP printer may occasionally have bugs, they are always fixable and they are not a hassle to fix. However, if you do not take appropriate action at that time, they may interfere with your printing activities. For example, if you have an HP printer with a touchscreen control panel, you may encounter the error “HP Printer Ink System Failure”. If you haven’t done so yet, you will face it one day.

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In this article, you will learn about the causes of the HP “ink system failure” error and several ways to fix the problem quickly and easily. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Cause of HP Printer Ink System Failure Error

The HP Printer Ink System Failure is familiar to printers that have touchscreen control panels. There are many factors that we can attribute. However, no one knows the exact reason why the HP printer is causing the mentioned error.

However, there are a few factors that you want to check to see the possible cause of your HP printer ink system failure error.

1. Incompatible ink cartridges

Each printer has certain specific ink cartridges based on its model. If you are using the wrong ink cartridge number or ink cartridge from another printer, there is a good chance that your printer will encounter an ink system failure error.

2. HP Printer Cannot Recognize New Ink Cartridge

If you have installed a new ink cartridge in your HP printer and your printer displays an ink system failure error, you may not have installed the cartridge correctly. To resolve the error, you may need to remove the installed ink cartridges and reinstall them.

3. Low Ink Levels

Many printers come with advanced technology that can read ink levels. If the ink cartridge in your printer is getting low, then you are facing an HP Ink system failure error.

4. Ink Cartridge Venting Issue

Sometimes your printer’s ink cartridge vent becomes dry or clogged, making it difficult for the printer to respond to a new/enough ink cartridge.

How to Fix HP Printer Ink System Failure Error

As mentioned earlier, the HP printer ink system failure error is fixable, and you don’t need to know rocket science to troubleshoot the error. Please ensure that you do the method (whichever you choose) correctly and carefully to avoid any difficulties;

1. Use the Right Ink Cartridge

As mentioned earlier, each HP printer requires a specific ink cartridge to function. Therefore, if you are using an ink cartridge from another HP model or another printer, the error is displayed. Can you make sure a compatible ink and toner cartridge is used to prevent the error from occurring?

2. Replace Ink or Toner Cartridge

If you’re a regular printer user, be sure to check ink cartridge levels regularly. When you see that the ink level is decreasing, please replace it with a new one.

3. Check for Paper Jam

Sometimes, if you have not set up the printer papers correctly, you may face an error. Therefore, we suggest that you check for paper jams and clear them if any. You can watch any video on YouTube to do the process.

4. Check Printhead

As mentioned earlier, dry or clogged printheads can cause HP printer ink system failure errors. Therefore, you may need to wipe the printhead with a clean cloth. However, if cleaning alone isn’t enough, you may need to replace it.

5. Try resetting your printer

If the above methods positively do not entertain you, you may need to reset the printer. Please follow the steps;

  • Can you be sure your printer is working when you unplug the cable from the main outlet?
  • Would you like to wait a while?
  • You will then need to reconnect the power cable to the printer and outlet.
  • You can run a test print to see if that solves the problem!


In the above article, you will find a brief description of the HP ink system failure error and its possible fixes. We suggest that you read these above methods very carefully and apply them to your printer one by one and see which method works best for you. If you like the post please do share it with others and also do comment your feedback.