Screen recording on a laptop has become an essential requirement for various purposes, such as creating tutorial videos, recording gameplay, and making presentations. If you’re an HP laptop user, you can easily record your screen with sound by following the steps outlined below.

Screen Record on HP Laptop

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Check the System Before Recording the Screen on an HP laptop

  1. Check if your laptop has a built-in screen recorder: Some HP laptops come with pre-installed screen recorder software. To check if your laptop has one, type “Game Bar” in the search box on the taskbar and open the app. If it opens, you can record your screen with it. If not, proceed to step 2.
  2. Download screen recording software: If your HP laptop doesn’t have a built-in screen recorder, you can download third-party software. Some popular screen recording software options for HP laptops include OBS Studio, Camtasia, and Bandicam. You can download and install any of these software programs from the official websites.
  3. Open the screen recording software: Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software, launch it on your laptop. Most screen recording software programs have a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.
  4. Select the audio source: Before starting the recording, ensure that the audio source is set correctly. If you want to record audio from your laptop’s microphone, select “Microphone” as the audio source. If you want to record audio from the system’s sound, select “System Sound” as the audio source.
  5. Choose the recording area: Select the area of your screen that you want to record. You can choose to record the entire screen or a specific window or application.
  6. Start the recording: Once you’ve selected the audio source and recording area, click on the “Record” button to start recording your screen. If you’re using third-party software, you may need to click on the “Start Recording” or “Record” button, depending on the software you’re using.
  7. Stop the recording: When you’re done recording, click on the “Stop” button to stop the recording. The recorded video will be saved in the default location set by the software.
  8. Edit the recorded video: Most screen recording software programs come with basic video editing features that allow you to edit the recorded video. You can trim, crop, add text, and apply other effects to enhance the video quality.
  9. Save the video: Once you’ve edited the video, click on the “Save” or “Export” button to save the video in your desired format and location.

Tips for Recording Screen with Sound on an HP Laptop:

  1. Check your microphone and speaker settings before recording to ensure that they’re working correctly.
  2. Close all unnecessary programs and apps before starting the recording to minimize background noise.
  3. Use a good-quality microphone if you want to record high-quality audio.
  4. Record in a quiet environment to avoid background noise.
  5. Test the software before recording to ensure that it’s working correctly.


Recording your screen with sound on an HP laptop is a straightforward process. You can use the built-in screen recorder or download third-party software. Make sure to select the correct audio source, choose the recording area, and edit the recorded video to enhance its quality. With these simple steps, you can create high-quality screen recordings on your HP laptop. I hope you liked the post How to Screen Record on HP Laptop with Sound Step by Step then please do share with others.