How to Fix HP Printer Blinking Orange Light Issue? HP is a globally trusted printer brand. However, sometimes users encounter problems with their printing devices wherein they report that the HP printer is flashing orange. This light is the resume light that blinks and indicates printer problems.

HP Printer Blinking Orange Light

This means that your HP printer is unable to communicate with your PC. It could also mean that there is a problem with the paper inside the device or the wireless connection it is using. If this light is flashing fast, there is an error in the printer firmware. Therefore it is necessary to carefully examine the printer. This article will explain the various causes of this problem and how to solve it.

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Steps to Fix Hp Printer Blinking Orange Light

Use these fixes to eliminate this flashing Orange light problem.

1. Check the ink level.

You will need to check whether the printer has sufficient ink levels and replace any defective cartridges.

  • Open the lid of the device and find the cartridges.
  • Remove the used cartridges and replace them with new cartridges.
  • Now close the lid of the device and press “OK”.
  • You should also remove and refill the low-ink cartridges.
  • Then reinstall them and check if the Orange light is still flashing.

2. Determine Whether There is a Paper Jam.

Paper jams are very common in HP printers. They are one of the main causes of orange lights on HP printers. To solve the HP printer paper jam problem, remove the paper from the printing device.

After that restart your printer. Order a test print. If you find that paper jams occur frequently, remove the entire set of paper and reinsert another pack.

While doing this, check that the paper is not wrinkled or folded. Also, check their quality.

Once you are sure about these things, hit the “Start Again” button. You won’t find twinkling Orange lights.

3. Reset Your HP Printing Device.

A power reset is a simple yet effective solution when you’re unsure of the exact cause. So, if you’re absolutely unsure why your HP printer is flashing orange, perform a power reset of the device. Here are the steps for that.

  • First, turn off your HP printer.
  • Now remove the ink cartridge. Be very careful while removing them.
  • Now check if any cables or peripherals are connected to your printer.
  • Remove these cables.
  • Once all power sources are disconnected, press the “Power” button.
  • Hit it for a few seconds.
  • This will discharge the capacitors.
  • Once done, connect the device to the printer.
  • Reconnect the power cable.
  • Now turn on the printer and try to print.

4. Clean The Print Head Manually.

You can also try cleaning the HP printhead if the measures mentioned so far don’t give you results. The printhead cleaning process can be done manually through these steps.

  • First, turn off your HP printer.
  • After that remove its upper cover.
  • Now take out the print head.
  • Use a soft, damp cloth to clean this part of the printer.
  • After cleaning the printhead, reinstall it.
  • Reinstall the top cover as well.
  • Finally, reset your HP printer by following the steps in the previous section.
  • Check if the orange light is flashing on your device.

5. Reconnect to the HP printer.

Reconnecting to your printer may help resolve this issue. So if you still see your HP printer flashing orange, follow these steps to reconnect to the device.

  • Launch “Settings” and navigate to “Bluetooth & devices”.
  • Here, tap on “Printers and scanners”.
  • Select the problematic HP printer from the list and press the “Remove” button.
  • Confirm the change by clicking “Yes”.
  • Return to “Printers and scanners”.
  • Here, tap on “Add device”.
  • Select your HP printer.
  • Now follow the instructions on your screen to complete these tasks.

6. Use the Printer Troubleshooter.

Printer Troubleshooter helps to solve various printer problems. Here is a simple procedure to run this tool.

  • Right-click the Windows “Start” button and select “Settings.”
  • Go to “System” and select “Troubleshooting”.
  • Now select the option “Other Convenience Stores”.
  • Press “Run” to let the Printer Troubleshooter locate and fix the problem.

7. Update the Printer Driver.

If you still get the orange light on the HP printer, updating the drivers may help. Visit to download the latest printer drivers. Most users found that installing a printer driver solved their problem.


The HP printer may be flashing orange due to low ink levels, paper jams, or loose cables. These fixes address all possible causes so that you can fix the problem quickly. But if you can’t, don’t hesitate to contact a printer expert.