HP printers are one of the most popular printer brands that come in a variety of models. These printers are known for their features, expertise, and high-quality printing services. But sometimes you may encounter problems while using your printer. In such cases, you need a troubleshooting guide to solve your problem. Like other software, the company offers HP Printer Assistant, a software tool that helps keep your printer running smoothly. Here in this article, we have mentioned the proper guide to install HP Printer Assistant software in your system.

HP Printer Assistant

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What is HP Printer Support Assistant Software?

HP Printer Assistant application is a printer management software that allows users to install HP printer drivers in Windows systems. Once you have used the HP Assistant software to install the printer driver, you can perform its other features. These mainly include scanning, printing documents and photographs, and doing other tasks.

Typically, this software comes with all HP printer models manufactured after 2009. This software application will also allow you to manage printing activities and improve the efficiency of your printer. This software also gives you the ability to improve your printer’s performance, update its driver, fix its issues, etc. So, after knowing about its benefits, it is time to install the software in your system. Let us examine the installation process on various operating systems in detail from the following sections.

How to Download HP Printer Assistant in Windows 10?

Many printer problems occur after updating the Windows 10 operating system. To fix these issues, you need to download tools like HP Solution Center, HP Printer Assistant, etc. on your system. Being a Windows-based program, whenever you install an HP printer driver on your device the software comes pre-installed in the system. Follow the steps given below to download and install HP Printer Assistant software on your Windows 10 system:

Steps to Download HP Printer Support Assistant

Step 1: Firstly, open all the web browsers on your system and visit the HP Support Assistant webpage.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the link that says Download HP Support Assistant.

Step 3: Once the pop-up appears on the screen, save the file to your system hard drive and wait for the downloading process to complete.

Step 4: After successfully downloading, open the file and click on the “Run” button to install the wizard software.

HP Printer Support Assistant Software Installation Steps

Step 1: After clicking on the Run option the installation process starts.

Step 2: Now you will be asked if you want to allow this application to make changes to your PC. Simply click Yes to continue with the installation process.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the InstallShield Wizard screen, then click on the Next button.

Step 4: Also read all the points mentioned in the license agreement and click on the “Accept the Terms” button.

Step 5: Click Next to install the application on your system and then wait for some time till the installation process is completed.

Step 6: Finally, click on the Close button when a pop-up window appears on the screen indicating the completion of the software.

The above steps will permanently install the required HP Printer Assistant software for your printer in the system.

How to Download HP Printer Assistant Support for Mac?

If you are looking for an HP Printer Assistant download for Mac, let us tell you that you cannot download this software on Mac. This app is not available for Mac OS or OS X. On Mac devices, you can install the “HP Utility” software, which is basically a full-featured driver. It includes the same tools and features as HP Printer Assistant. Follow the steps given below to download HP Utility on Mac:

  • Open the official website of HP and go to the software and driver download section.
  • You will get a pop-up saying “Identify your product to get started”. Select your printer and enter its model number.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and change the default operating system.
  • Finally, tap on the “Download” option next to “HP Easy Start”.

After the download process is complete, install the software on your computer. Once you have installed HP Utility on your Mac system, you can run it on Mac to fix your printer issues.

My HP Printer Support Assistant Won’t Open: How Do I Fix It?

Sometimes your HP Printer Assistant may not open or work in your system. In such cases, you can reset the WPS PIN or apply the following methods to restore it to working condition:

  • Reinstall Printer Assistant Software
  • Restart your printer
  • Update Your HP Printer Driver
  • Disable third-party apps like antivirus


I hope the steps outlined above will help you troubleshoot problems with your printer and printer assistant software. If you still have a problem with your HP Printer Support Assistant, contact our support team immediately. Our specialized experts are available 24/7 to resolve all your issues without any hassle.