Though it is an advanced and inventive technological gadget, the HP printer often faces several problems. Paper jams, phantom jams, and even half-page printing problems from HP printers are only common among HP printer users. There are many possible causes for these problems with your HP printer.

HP Printer Only Printing Half Page

It’s incredibly annoying when your printer prints only the first half of the page of your document. You can find out practical tips to solve it quickly and effortlessly. You have finally found the right page in your search for answers. This tutorial discusses the reasons why this happens and effective solutions. So read and learn!

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Why Does My HP Printer Printing Half Page?

The actual hardware of the printer, which is vital for producing excellent quality prints, is the ink cartridges. Therefore, the HP printer half-page print problem may occur when the color/black ink cartridges are empty or nearly exhausted.

However, it is common to see that the bottom of the page should be printed. You find it boring. So, you may need a quick-fix manual.

How to Fix to HP Printer Only Printing Half Page?

Follow the instructions below to fix the HP printer printing half a page only problem. Let’s start by carefully applying the troubleshooting methods provided:

Inspect your HP Printer’s Ink Cartridges

If your HP printer only prints half of your page, low ink may be to blame. We recommend that you check the ink cartridges of your printer. as follows:

Step 1: The first and foremost thing is to launch the HP Printer Assistant program on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Then in the next step you should tap once on the tab “Estimated Cartridge Level”.

Step 3: The app will then show the remaining ink in the cartridge.

Step 4: Replace the cartridge with a new, original cartridge if the ink level is low or insufficient.

Step 5: If the ink level appears normal, check the expiration date on the ink cartridge.


We have gone to great lengths to provide you with a workable solution to the problem of HP Printer Printing Half-Page. We hope that the instructions mentioned earlier helped you to find a solution to your problem.