Wireless printing feature in printers gives possibilities to print or scan from any remote device within the network connectivity range. Multiple devices connected to your home or office network can communicate with the HP envy printer and accept print & scan commands without having them physically connected to the printer. HP wireless printers do experience some uncalled wireless connectivity issues from time to time, but all can be troubleshot with the right guidance. Users can contact the HP Printer Support Phone Number for troubleshooting an Envy printer faster with the help of live engineers or prefer some online instructions.

hp envy printer

Resolve HP Envy 6032 Printer Wireless Not Working Problems:

Many aspects can cause wireless printing problems in Envy printers, therefore before doing any troubleshooting, it is important to check on the-

  • Check for the blue light of Wi-Fi in the HP Envy printer is ON or OFF.
  • When the blue light is ON and solid, your printer is connected to a wireless network.
  • When the blue light is ON but blinking, then you will have to reconnect to the wireless network. (Find out how to connect HP Envy Printer to a wireless network. In the user’s guide came along)
  • If the blue light of Wi-Fi is OFF on the printer, then follow the instructions given in the device manuals to enable Wi-Fi.

After ensuring the connectivity of the wireless network in the HP Envy printer, follow the further instructions to eliminate any further software malfunction or communication error.

  • Remove the power cable from HP printer and the power outlet (as recommended by HP officials) while it is ON.
  • Now leave the printer OFF and proceed to the next step meanwhile.
  • Turn the internet router OFF and wait for 20 seconds before turning it ON again.
  • For better results, you can also reboot your primary computer.
  • Now reconnect the power cord back to the HP printer and power socket. Your printer should boot up itself, else manually press the power button to turn it ON.
  • Now, wait until the blue light of the wireless connection on the printer turns solid.

Further, you can try to print a test page from the computer. For additional troubleshooting, reach out to HP printer technical support phone number for advanced troubleshooting from professional engineers.

Moreover, download and install the latest version of the HP Envy printer to obtain the best performance from the official website.